About Feminist Style

Consent-Themed Underwear

At Feminist Style, we believe that having consent-themed underwear out in the market, as actual alternatives to underwear with sexually objectifying slogans (e.g. "ready for anything", "take me home", "unwrap me") or teach that "no" is a way to flirt (e.g. "no peeking"), will serve as a small step to shifting the culture around consent.

Our designs aren’t meant to speak for the wearer, and they won’t stop rapists, but they may serve as sort of a fun way to initiate conversations about boundaries and what each person is or is not comfortable with. The main goal is to help shift the culture from one that encourages sexual objectification to one that promotes consent education. In line with that goal, there is an important reminder on all of our underwear tags:

Sexual Assault PSAs

Our advertising efforts will largely be in the form of PSAs, raising awareness for issues surrounding sexual assault and promoting a culture of consent. Here is our first such PSA:

Our Story & Sponsors

Feminist Style was founded by Canadian Google engineer Amulya Sanagavarapu while she was a senior in college. The first production run of the consent-themed underwear line was crowdfunded on Kickstarter in April 2014, and the online store was launched in September.

In addition to the 500+ backers who pre-ordered consent-themed underwear on Kickstarter, Feminist Style has received support from the following official sponsors:

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